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Ethereal connections



The name 'aware' was chosen from a book by Alan Watts that describes the word 'aware' in Japanese, prononouced differently, as something undefinable, the bird lost behind a cloud for example. The English meaning also came to define 'aware' as a band who would use

the genre of lounge or chillout music to attempt to express  questions in  life.  


Based between the U.K and Ibiza and recording their first music releases on a broken 4-track tape machine, many of their experiences came as a result of the many characters they encountered on one incredible journey through the years of 2000 to the present day during which time they became something of an underground success, predominantly in Spain.













The music they produced saw them perform their first gig in Ibiza to a handful of people at Ibiza's then fledgling venue 'Villa Merecedes' and the very next day as the opening live act for Cafe Del Mar's 20th Anniversary to a crowd of thousands, attracting the attention of relative newcomers of that time such as Ramon Castells and Andy Warbuton but also more established names of that time such as Pete Gooding, and Afterlife who helped guide them into the world of Sunset music Mark Doyle of Hed Kandi fame graciously giving them their first release. 


They went on to perform as a band and DJ act throughout Ibiza up until 2014, endearing themselves to an underground native following, during which time they scored releases with Cafe Del Mar's label, Hed Kandi, Warner and React to name but a few. In recent years their music has featured in television and film both in the U.K and around the world,  in 2016 Hollywood signed a deal with the band.

Despite this they have remained to this day just as elusive as the Japanese meaning of their name playing hide and seek across Ibiza the U.K and the mainland Europe, drifting between making music and pursuing other art related performance avenues. After being asked to provide music for the Ibiza tourist board in promotion of the island it was rumoured that they would perform again in Ibiza but so far the band remain just as ethereal.  

From the broken 4-track to the Ibiza sets

aware -  Tina Morrison/Mark Lane
Tina Morrison - Originally singing gospel  then after 
into theatre Tina Morrison had headed many bands before 
the forming of aware in '99. Her vocal style can be soft and 
silky which belies a powerful vocalist with a signature vocal
sound. She is a seasoned session musician who also 
plays numerous percussive instruments. She sometimes  
works charity music events and runs seminars to teach the
basics of percussion. Her passion for rhythm extends to her
playing in various samba bands and studying latin drumming
Mark Lane - Progressing through Electronica bands Mark
worked with an assortment of singers, in various genres until
finding the voice he wanted to work with most. He has also 
written for television, film and art installations. He continues
to work in different genres, being a vocalist himself in other
bands but always returning to unite with Aware with a love
shared by both for the band. In 2011 he began to D.J for 
Sunset, primarily at La Torre in Ibiza and together with Tina
Morrison created a compilation CD of various artists for the
     Although sometimes using other guest musicians, and
occasionally, Vocalists, the core of aware remains the same.

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Life Goes Around 3
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A Day Out Of Life - Cover
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Synth ERL-060534
Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 22.34.41
La Torre Balcony
Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 22.54.25
M flat guitar
M studio 2
Mark Ibiza Prom
Mini studio
Mark n Rocco
P1000258 copy
aware greenl
Pedro DJ
Photo-0025 copy
Studio filing
Mark DJ La Torre
Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 22.39.14
Early gig poster
Mark grand piano
T la torre terrace
Attik studio early days
T outstretched arms
T studio break
Tina front phaser grain 2
La Torre sunset
Mambo gig
Aware beach
Pre Glee Club photoshoot
Sunset, Cafe Mambo, Ibiza
Si Don photoshoot
TC (Spacemusic) Meet, London 2007
La Torre sunset, Ibiza
San An harbour in winter
Some of the live gear, Ibiza
La Torre DJ set for sunset 2012
Attik studios
Tina La Torre
Mark in studio 2
Photoshoot, Attik winter
Glee Club 2007
Gardens Attik
Ibiza sunset
Return to UK
Cafe Mambo for sunset 2002
A day out of life
Hotel meet
La Torre sunset gig
NEC Birmingham
Downtime with a guitar
Attik gardens
Another Mambo sunset, Ibiza
Si Don photoshoot
My precious silent guitar
Life in The Netherlands
South Coast UK - 2003
Gig poster mock-up - 2005
South Coast - 2003
SRT mastering 2009
TC (Spacemusic) meet - 2007
Tina studio 2010
Living in Ibiza 2014
Glee Club 2001
Photoshoot Totnes UK 2004
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